One of the best parts about publishing is getting the chance to work with new authors and new illustrators. Authors bring such varied life experiences and ideas to the table, and it’s a joy to see how they craft stories for kids and adults alike. And nothing can bring an author’s world to life quite like a skilled illustrator. How fulfilling it is, then, to get the chance to marry these two disciplines together and make a book better than the sum of its parts!

This isn’t just an abstract musing, either. We have the privilege to announce that coming August 25, 2020, our very first children’s book, Has Anybody Got a Match? will be available for sale on ebook, paperback, and hardcover.

Has Anybody Got a Match? is the delightful tale of Jenny Lee, a young girl who discovers a lonely old grandfather dragon unable to breathe fire. She’s determined to help him, even if she first must convince her family that he exists! My favorite part about the story, besides Linda Crowley’s captivating story, are the adorable and beautiful illustrations by Michelle Henderson. This book was our first opportunity to work with Michelle, and we’re looking forward to more opportunities in the future.

Has Anybody Got a Match? will be available in ebook, hardcover, and paperback on August 28, 2020 on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and many other online retailers. Let us know what you think when you pick up your copy!