Godcountry: A Star Brothers Adventure


Freed by the annihilation of the corporation that owned him, archæological looter Eduardo Sabat goes into business for himself.  But why does he accept a search and rescue mission in the same region of Quele Colony where he suffered his most terrible experience as a corporate slave?  He isn’t sure, but he suspects there are still some things he still has to resolve.  In the end, the ever surprising Godcountry region has its own answers for him – answers that will change him beyond his wildest dreams.

About the Author

Colleen Drippé, surrounded by the usual trappings of the trade (cats and books and wonderful friends who answer technical questions), writes what she wants to read. Science fiction and (sometimes) fantasy. Drawing on a collection of passionate interests like history, linguistics, archæology, philosophy, assorted sciences including forensic anthropology, astronomy and stuff like that, she cooks up novels and short stories, avoids clichés (or at least tries to) and keeps things going on multi-levels of action and deeper speculation. What else would you expect from a life-long science fiction fan?


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