The Dawnstrikers


The planet Fen has been permanently cut off from the rest of the civilized worlds, leaving behind the Net Central’s troopers, bureaucrats, scientists, technicians, and even a missionary or two. They are outnumbered and culturally swamped by the colonists, a mixture of the half-converted and ferocious xenophobes who want all offworlders exterminated.

The bishop and the commander at Havekgerem, both have their hands full. The former must rein in a group of Faring Guards, fanatical, axe-wielding Lost Rythan exiles who are determined to protect him at all costs, while the commander tries vainly to police the region with his disgruntled troops. And in the midst of this come the Dawnstrikers, blackshirts blindly following their charismatic leader as he hatches a plan to not only kill all foreigners but also to wipe out their rival tribe. And they might just succeed…