Who We Are

Serving readers since 2019

We are a bold new publishing house that exists for one purpose: to bring new voices to our readers.

Not everyone is interested in the same old stories. Our readers want fiction that embraces faith and humor that makes you think. They want stories that challenge ideas, draw out tears and laughter, and carry them on fantastical journeys to faraway places. They want non-fiction that inspires them and helps them better understand their world and their place in it.

 Our child and young adult readers, too, deserve stories that make them giggle, that excite them, that fill their minds with adventures and friendship and magical places. They don’t want to be pandered or coddled or babied, but instead given thrilling fiction that pushes them and treats them with respect.

Annona Press is bringing new fruit to a readership tired of the same old apples.

Our Promise to You

We believe that the only route to success is a trustworthy, reader-focused attitude. 



We choose books for what they have to say and only publish authors that our readers will love.



We offer better royalty rates than most traditional publishers because we respect the craft.


High Quality

We believe that quality should always come standard, whether you enjoy an audiobook, ebook, or paperback. 


Always Listening

Questions? Ideas? We’re happy to listen. Contact us and let us know how we can improve.

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